Rainbow Body x Millie Brown

Wojtek has collaborated with Artist Millie Brown on other occasions, but this concept for him was most important as it was created in public open space. Millie Brown was suspended in the air by ropes attached to the celling of the Art Station Brewery. Hundreds of strands of rainbow crystal prisms casting light from above and creating a spectrum across everything that fell below, dangling from her limbs and body. Hundreds of rainbows cast on the floors, walls and ceiling of the performance space, immersing the Artist and spectators in rainbow light.

Viewing the body as a vessel for spiritual practice, Brown pushed physical and mental boundaries to reach a state of enlightenment from which creative expression and healing can derive, drawing on Tibetan Buddhist theology, Rainbow Body is the phenomenon of viewing spiritual transcendence from a third person perspective in which the body is seen to turn in to rainbow light.

A continuation in the form of performance from Brown’s latest solo show, ‘Rainbow Body’ featured the artist’s physical artworks and paintings; this living piece was a fully immersive and visually captivating work of performance art.

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