AFF x Grazyna Kulczyk 2017

Eleventh Edition of Art & Fashion Forum by Grażyna Kulczyk was dedicated to Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the question of whether technology could be creative was the starting point for all participants’ activities. Wojtek Piotr Onak as Art Director working closely with founder, assured more than just interesting topic to consider it was also a multi-threaded way of selecting the speakers.

As Grażyna Kulczyk said, the author and spiritus movens of the festival „(…) This year we are going a step further – the artificial intelligence is complete different level of existence which brings many capabilities but also threats. Bigger choice, democratization of access to data or just new meaning of expression, but on the other side – the age-old question whether we will be able to control technology that will only serve a human being instead of threatening…”. 

 Bjork during her conversation with Piotr Metz appeared as an Avatar. Viewers did not fully understand whether the speaking hologram of Bjork presented at the opening in the form of a hologram, really existed in real time and place. This performance showed the possibilities of being in several places at one time  – a topic that the artist had been thinking about for several years. 

The Forum once again raised current questions and sought for answers both in the series of New School workshops and as part of open lectures at the Open University. The issues of brick & mortar investments were raised with the increase in the volume of fashion sales in online channels, including luxury brands such as Burberry. The discussion was about the possibilities of analyzing human emotions by sensors attached to clothes or reading online activity – the starting point was a lecture by dr. Aleksandra Przegalińska from the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, or finally attempts to answer questions about the impact of AI on performing creative professions.

The festival’s specific taming of the new strange asked questions about the human condition in the face of contact with AI and tried to answer whether AI can replace human creativity or it is and will remain secondary to the people.

AFF took place just after the first signals about the impact of bots on the result of the election in the US and the day before Facebook & Cambridge Analitica scandal. Phenomena that happened, however, primarily just between people, was controlled by people and they were in the interests of another human being.

Art and Fashion Forum has been founded by Ms. Grażyna Kulczyk (included in the list of the world’s top 200 collectors by Art News magazine. Member of London’s Tate Modern acquisitions committee for Russia and Eastern Europe and Modern Women’s Fund at the Museum of Modern Art in New York). It is an unusual workshop and individual connections with the most important and most current art topics and is one of the most important events of it’s type in Central and Eastern Europe.

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