AFF x Grazyna Kulczyk 2015

The main theme of 9th Art & Fashion Forum by Grażyna Kulczyk was Five Senses that remind us of the infinite wealth of the world of matter that appears to man. The edition was a collaboration between Art Director Wojtek Piotr Onak (working closely with founder) and curator Ania Rubik in cooperation with 25 Magazine.

The ability to use the senses of smell, taste, hearing, pattern and touch, and their appropriate composition, in an infinite way allows to create, transmit and understand new, previously unknown artifacts.

A multifaceted study of human nature emerging from lectures and workshops conducted at the AFF forum with experts from the world of fashion, design and technology, as well as presented works and conversations, reminds us that the digital world itself is still a poorer and lonely trend, it does not allow to show beauty in our environment in such a full way, nor the depth of interpersonal relations. These themes were discussed by the internauts: Jean-Charles, marquis de Castelbajac, Anja Rubik, Gayil Nails, Millie Brown, and many other excellent speakers.

Among the projects shown by 9 Art & Fashion Forum guests, Grażyna Kulczyk was among others Geil Nails project „World Sensorium”. During the journey through the world, the artist had collected samples of smells from various places of the planet, then creatively combined them into our common, universal fragrance, closed in an amber bottle.

Summary AFF was a synthesis made by AFF curator Ania Rubik, who perceived  that sex is a unique, beautiful synthesis involving all human senses in a moment, in one act, in one place, between us.

Art and Fashion Forum has been founded by Ms. Grażyna Kulczyk (included in the list of the world’s top 200 collectors by Art News magazine. Member of London’s Tate Modern acquisitions committee for Russia and Eastern Europe and Modern Women’s Fund at the Museum of Modern Art in New York). It is an unusual workshop and individual connections with the most important and most current art topics and is one of the most important events of it’s type in Central and Eastern Europe.

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