David LaChapelle Songs for The World

“LaChapelle: Songs For The World” curated by Wojtek Piotr Onak offered not only the premiere of LaChapelle’s newest photographs but also classic pictures made at the beginning of his career. Highlights included American Jesus: Hold Me, Carry Me Boldly (2009) featuring Michael Jackson, The Rape of Africa (2009) featuring Naomi Campbell, and the controversial Seismic Shift (2012) which turns a mirror on to the area of the art world driven by commodity. LaChapelle photography and film works have become iconic archetypes of America in the 21st Century.

“Songs For The World” was presented throughout three floors of Stary Browar Art Gallery and introduced varying concepts of LaChapelle’s diverse oeuvres—from portraitures to still life, landscapes and hyper-realistic to surrealistic settings, with satirical and ingenious narratives.

Themes of environment , consumer culture and celebrity idolisation are traversed before an antidotal new world of spiritual and metaphysical paradise replies in this exciting and dramatic exhibition.

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